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LET'S PRAISE Magazine is about showcasing our different ways and methods of worshipping thy God as Christians. About 80% of South Africans are Christians and yet they don't have a platform to express their feelings freely without worrying about space constraints and other editorial hic-cups.
We strive to promote co-operations and working relations between all the churches regardless of religion, colour or creed. It is our firm commitment to see to it that our editorial comment, advice and advertisements are intended to inform, educate and entertain the reader's needs. We seek to find ways to put more fun and stimulate our youth in seeing the need to come closer to God. We will bring Christian values and traditions that everyone whether reader or advertiser, will gain by investing in LET'S PRAISE.

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Unto the house of the Lord, Peace, Unity and Mercy be multiplied unto thee. All Hail.

THE YEAR 2010 means different things to different people. For me personally it's the year of counting the blessings that God has showered me with. Chief amongst them is the birth of LET'S PRAISE magazine.

LET'S PRAISE as the title suggests is going to be a melting pot for all Christians irrespective of their beliefs and traditions. Christians across their religious beliefs are given a platform to showcase how they praise THY name. This is an idea that I have been toying around with for the past two years. I guess the time was not right then, but now is the time − get used to it!
Whilst I was a columnist for Sunday Sun's Corner of Faith for the past fi ve years I had interactions with lots of Christians from various denominations.

Their call was to the effect that a page in the Sunday Paper was not enough to cater for their needs. I was told by the arch-bishops, the bishops and their ilk, that I should start a magazine of this nature. I was told in no uncertain terms that about 80% of the people of the South are Christians and yet they don't have a magazine of their own. I had also made up my mind last year that there is a need for such a magazine. I then had a series of serious consultations with my wife who is a hard nut to crack and she welcomed the initiative and gave it thumbs up.

I must admit that Tobeka Tongo- Masiba is a slave driver and has been instrumental in expediting the initiative. I fully agree with the saying that goes: Behind every man there is a good woman. The name LET'S PRAISE is her idea and I was convinced.

LET'S PRAISE is now born and its frequency would be monthly. This is the first Editor's Ink of the first edition of the magazine of the Christians, for the Christians and by the Christians. This is a magazine that would cover Christian news on every square inch of the South. We would look on how Christians from different churches praise THY name. We would strive to give you news, features and behind-the- scenes pieces that will give you the best inside looks ever of men of the cloth's lifestyle and the churches. If you have news about your churches don't hesitate to contact us and we would be more than ready to assist. My style has always been to provide a strong

editorial flavour that compels and entertains the readers.
The key to circulation growth depends on Christians reading LET’S PRAISE.

Just to whet your reading appetite in this issue you would read about the events that have led to the infamous Bulhoek Massacre of 1921. We bring you the correspondence between the leader of Israelites Prophet Enoch Mgijima and Colonel Theo Truter of the then SADF under the command of General Jan Smuts.

Also we look at how one of the indigenous churches praises THY God. As a bonus we have our fervent columnist Reverend Thembelani Jentile. We have worked together as a team in the Corner of Faith. He will provide us, as always, with thought provoking issues.

On our cover we have President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma and Bishop John Bolana. What a way to introduce this magazine with a cover shoot of the president of the South and the head of the Bantu Church of Christ with 1 million members.

As we all know the government has realized that the church has a role to play if the government is serious about its good governance. President Zuma and Bishop Bolana are not only gracing our cover, but also feature inside the magazine. Your church leader can also grace our cover so call me to find out how.

Write and tell us what you think of LET'S PRAISE magazine.
Until next month keep those news and letters coming.

Yours in Christ.

Ponko Ka Masiba